Side Orders

Gravy £1.80
Curry £1.80
Sweet n Sour £1.70 S T
Kung Po Sauce £1.70 S H
Black Bean Sauce £1.70 M
Peking Sauce £1.70 F
Special Sauce (Homemade Dark Soya) £1.70
Hoi Sin Sauce £1.70
Pancakes (For Crispy Duck) £1.40
Chips £1.90
Plain Chow Mein £3.00
Boiled Rice £2.00
Fried Rice £2.70
Chop Sticks £1.40

*All Main Meals Do Not Include Rice Or Chips

Some Foods are made with Crushed Garlic & MSG
Some Food may contain nuts.

If any dish is not on our menu please don’t hesitate to ask our chef

Menu items are subject to change without notice to include VAT
Seafood to order – only 24hrs notice Fish/Lobster/Squid/Scollops